We are available year round to provide our valued clients with a wide array of services including bookkeeping, bank and account reconciliations, payroll calculations, payroll tax preparation, sales tax preparation, and similar important business related services. We prepare monthly compilation reports for our bookkeeping clients to enable them to clearly understand the financial aspects of their businesses and make informed business decisions.

Annually, we prepare more than 300 income tax returns for individuals, over 150 business tax returns for C corporations, S corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Estates, Trusts, Gifts, and Non-Profit organizations.

We are experienced in the preparation of multi-state income tax returns, as we have many dual citizen clients as well as transient clients. We can, and have, prepared tax returns for all states that have an income tax. We are extremely knowledgeable in the area of real estate and the tax implications of real estate transactions, such as 1031 Exchanges, Sale of Home, Related Party Transactions, as well as many others..

We offer Condominium Management services that include basic bookkeeping, bill payment, bank deposits and reconciliation, as well as financial statements and Income Tax Returns.

For those who are behind in their tax filings, we can prepare tax returns for prior years. Should there be any problem with a taxing agency, we represent our clients and handle any correspondence or conferences necessary.

Since we are very familiar with business taxation, we offer knowledgeable advice on the selection of the appropriate business entity to those starting a new business, and evaluations of the most advantageous business entity for established businesses. This includes a comparison of the tax and legal implications of various entities and a comparison of the taxation of benefits to the owners and employees.

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